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Information about my publications can be found on my Google Scholar Page or my Machine Learning page. 

Here are some of my academic research affiliations


The Sindi Lab, UC Merced

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The Sindi Lab

Our lab's research focuses on theoretical and computational modeling of biological phenomena using machine learning and mathematics. Specifically, Dynamics and Transmission of Prion Proteins in Yeast, Identification of Structural Variation from High Throughput Sequencing Data, and Genome Evolution and Population Dynamics

Simulations for 3D Prions In a Dividing Yeast Cell

Sato Lab, UC Davis

Sato Lab

At Professor Daisuke Sato’s research lab we explore the cardiac dynamics. I primarily study early afterdepolarizations (EADs) and delayed

afterdepolarizations (DADs). My research focuses on the dynamical mechanisms of EADs with the sudden application of Isoproterenol and Stretch-Activated current. We also used machine learning to study the effects of beta-adrenergic drugs on EAD patients.


All of my projects and sample codes are hosted on my GitHub page

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In my repositories, you can find sample codes for some of my projects in data science and numerical solvers in Python, C++, and MATLAB. You can also check out my page "MACHINE LEARNING" for more complete tutorials on Autoencoders, Variational Autoencoders, and GANs in addition to my related publications. 

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